Let us leave beautiful women to men without imagination
(Marcel Proust)
Carmen Covito


(La bruttina stagionata)

Bompiani 1992
ISBN 88-452-1925-9
  • Prize Rapallo-Carige Opera Prima 1992
  • Prize Bancarella 1993
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A long-running bestseller, this novel has been translated into German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Greek, Rumanian. It has been made into a monologue for the theatre (performed by Gabriella Franchini, directed by Franca Valeri and adapted by Ira Rubini) and a movie (starring Carla Signoris, written and directed by Anna Di Francisca).
Marilina Labruna lives in livid Milan, peopled with lonely women and tricky men that take advantage of the need for love. That's why Marilina, not an ugly but, worse, a plain forty-year-old woman, must find another way to achieve her triumph.
with an afterword by Ada Neiger
Bompiani, I Grandi Tascabili 1995, 2001
ISBN 88-452-2427-9
special edition
SuperPocket 1997
ISBN 88462-00027-6
A thing or two that have been said about her:

"This novel has given back the sense of their rights to those millions of plain women who try hard to get the happiness they lay claim to, who hide the turmoil of their passions out of pride and fear: be plain and of a certain age, and don't give a damn."
(Natalia Aspesi)

"No woman over fourteen should be without this book. They can, all those women, carry on buying magazines that tell them what to wear, how to make-up, how to blink to all the men they find in their path; but I would like to give them a friend's piece of advice: do it but keep a copy of Covito's novel in your handbag: it's surely one of the best antidepressants for women ever created in this world..."
(Federico Montel)

This book is published in other languages by: Grasset (France) - Delfini (Greece) - Prometheus (Holland) - Lumen (Spain) - Diogenes (Switzerland and Germany) - Norma (Latin America). Not yet available in English.