Are you interested in Italian contemporary literature? Read the first self-published e-book by an Italian writer. It's free.

Tales from the Web contains 7 short stories and 1 provocation: I made it by myself and placed it in the public domain to show how easy and costless it is making e-books, and why publishers must raise the royalties given to their authors up to the 50% of the revenues.

Reading the PDF file requires AcrobatReader installed.

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Can you read Italian language?
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About improving your Italian, I think it could be a good idea to get the text of a short story and listen to it while you are reading it.

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As you are here, I guess, because I'm Italian, why don't you go straight to the
Italian Version?
There, many changes are happening. Change the language and come to browse original short stories, "author's readings", reviews and many many other stuffs, all in Italian! ... h'm, the real truth is... Well, I am sorry for those who can't manage Italian language, but I just felt I couldn't handle a complete bilingual frequent update, so, please, go to the Italian Version and see. The English part of the site is only an abstract.


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