In the theatre of passions the show is about to go on. Arianna Maj, mannish by vocation and body-builder by provocation, breathlessly surveys her own and other people's desires from the wings...

Carmen Covito


(Del perché i porcospini
attraversano la strada)

Bompiani 1995
ISBN 88-452-2579-8
"Finally a different story, free from nostalgic weaknesses and edifying memories. [...] More than a labyrinth, this story is a merry-go-round, one of those fast carousels which, by a control stick, take you high up in the sky and then down to the ground again. And the faster it moves, the more exciting it becomes. [...] This novel's background sounds like the merry and slightly alarming noise that comes from a fun fair, a noise that can prove unendurable for ears used to the more padded atmospheres of literary salons. It's a place where, surrounded by the most varied and strangest attractions, even crimes can be committed. But the evil, the real danger, as clearly appears in the end, doesn't come from there, from the giddiness you feel when you're dangling in the air, from the senseless crossing of the road of hedgehogs, but on the contrary from the stiff conventions, the fixed moralism, the static seriousness of those who focus only on themselves, in order to build their isolation behind the velvet of a dropped curtain."
(Antonella Sarpi, student from the "Tarantino" Scientific High School, Gravina di Puglia).

(Well? Who says we should only boast about official critics' reviews? A reader like this Antonella is a jewel that any writer would be happy to show off.)
paperback edition
Bompiani Grandi Tascabili 1997
ISBN 88-452-3053-8

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