Carmen Covito
(Three short stories)

(Scheletri senza armadio
e altri racconti)

La Tartaruga edizioni 1997
ISBN 88-7738-250-3
(out of print)

I always thought that in order not to have skeletons in your cupboard, you have to bring yourself to throw away the cupboard. In fact, I like my skeletons. These three came before the official start of my literary career and, in their own skeletal way, they foreshadow some of the themes I dealt with in my novels...
"So far as the short stories are concerned, the best is the one that gives the title to the book. Concise, unyielding like a curse or an obscene phrase, the story smells like those places where curses and obscene phrases proliferate, like ink blue or black marsh-plants, sneaking up the walls and the doors ..."
(Marco Cavalli)

* "Scheletri senza armadio" (Skeletons without cupboards) is now in the anthology of Italian Authors selected and edited by Enzo Siciliano Racconti italiani del Novecento, Meridiani Mondadori 2001.