Il Novellino
One hundred ancient tales
translated into contemporary Italian
by Aldo Busi and Carmen Covito
Rizzoli Superclassici BUR 1992
ISBN 88-17-15165-3

(with original text facing)
"This translation was for us a heartfelt tribute for the grandfather of all Italian fiction: a queer ancestor, uninhibited and bold for its own times and maybe even for ours."(A.B. and C.C.)

Carmen Covito and Aldo Busi
The Courtier
by Baldassar Castiglione
Rizzoli 1993
ISBN 88-17-11046-9
"Maybe one of the best books issued in the last ten years, which has been given back an unexpected stylistic glamour, if we think of the lack of consideration as regards Italian language in today's literary republic. (...) It talks about love, pedagogy, men and women's fashions, generational conflicts, the art of dissimulation, and the effect which is created is that of an elegant and refined talk-show..."
(Marco Cavalli, Il Giornale di Vicenza, 24th February 1995)

La Lettera Scarlatta
Nathaniel Hawthorne
translated by
Aldo Busi and Carmen Covito
Mondadori 1995
ISBN 88-04-39645-8

(the text is also included in
Selected Works by Hawthorne,
"Meridiani" Mondadori, 1994)
Nathaniel Hawthorne
translated by Carmen Covito
"I Classici Classici" Frassinelli 1998
ISBN 88-7684-508-9 86-I-98

with an amazing revelation by Aldo Busi
"It was through the excellent new translation that I rediscovered the force and the extraordinary qualities of this novel. The translation by Aldo Busi and Carmen Covito has all the power of Hawthorne's great symbolic writing, with an Italian that never carries any undigested echo of the English and some very successful lexical choices."
(Rosella Mamoli Zorzi, Il Gazzettino di Venezia, 3 aprile 1995)

Colette (and Willy)
translated by Carmen Covito
"I Classici Classici" Frassinelli 1996
ISBN 88-7684-411-2

"The translation of Claudine at School - a debut novel in which, between the winsome pages wanted by Willy, a teenage Colette, wild and a bit feline, first peeps out - that Carmen Covito has offered us, is memorable, very fluent as regards dialogues and lexicon, suitably modernized, accompanied by an excellent afterword."
(Mariolina Bertini, L'Indice, February 1997)